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This tool will make it more convenient and faster to translate RPG Maker MV projects. It works for any project which has the SRD Translation Engine plugin installed (http://sumrndm.site/translation-engine). The best way to get an impression of the tool's features is to watch the preview video.


  • Texts to translate are collected from the game files. No need to execute all the events one wants to translate or fiddle with note tags.
    • Messages
    • Commands
    • Choices
    • Terms
    • Database elements
  • Nice and clean overview of all texts to translate
  • Auto translate can be used to get a suggested translation
  • Export/Import to make it possible to send all texts to translate to a specialized translator and later import the translations.


Approved by Jitsu Koan.

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I wanted to redownload it, but there says there were nothing to download

Liegt es an mir oder kann man das Tool nicht mehr kaufen?

Sehr tolles Tool, habs ja bei Jitsu gesehen. Mir fehlt persönlich ein "Alles automatisch Übersetzen" Button. So dass ich nur einmal Klicken muss und danach alles prüfe anstatt alles seperat anklicken zu müssen für die Übersetzung

Danke für das Feedback. Das (halb-)automatische Übersetzen ist ein eher experimentelles Feature, da hier auf eine externe Schnittstelle zugegriffen wird, die leider nur eine täglich begrenzte Anzahl an Aufrufen zulässt. Wenn ich ein "Alles übersetzen" Feature einbauen würde, würde dieses auch nur einen geringen Teil der Texte übersetzen können, wäre also nicht sehr hilfreich. Ich hoffe allerdings, dass dir das Tool generell die Übersetzung erleichtern kann.

Oh ja es erleichtert es ungemein. Das war sein Geld völlig wert.

Hi, this looks really nice, but can it also export all the translation files into an .csv or .xls and then reimport them into the game database?

Hello Wolandzik! Thanks. Currently it can export the translations to a JSON file which can also be imported again.

Any chance you could send me a sample json file so I can see its structure to check if it can work for my use-case? I sent you a DM on the rpg maker forums.

this is a great tool. Howeber, have we got the Mac version?

Hello phamthienbao,

I'm sorry, I am not a Mac user and so I could not test a Mac version properly and I could not guarantee that it works correctly. That's why only Windows is supported at the moment.

thank for your response, poor me, i very love this tool 

Great tool.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hello White Vortex. Is it possible that your game was opened in the RPG Maker while you edited your translations with the tool? If so, RPG Maker would overwrite the notes of the database items when saving. If you continue to have problems, please contact me via codeknack89@gmail.com

Deleted 1 year ago

Such a big help!

The setup was simple enough thanks to a documentation file.

I'm not sure, if this will work with Plugins which include new possibilities of texts (like texts in different HUDs), but I was able to translate my Demo in under 15 minutes thanks to the organized structure of all the texts.

For me a new must have RPG maker plugin!

10 / 10